On set, you get to know a lot of talented people. In April, I met photographer Charis Boel ( One of the most kindest people I've met so far in the field - basically in my whole life. At first, I was a little bit surprised by our great connection. It is rare that two creative people understand each other so quickly by barely saying a word. We didn't even argue about a different vision, we just found a way to compromise. 

Charis wanted to work with me as a model by doing a photoshoot for Studio Kroes. She was (is) very supportive about Studio Kroes, and that gave me the power to make it happen. We now worked together for several times on different kinds of projects. It is maybe clich√© but she's very unique; in her way of life, in approaching people, but especially in her photography. She tells the story the way I want to tell it, goes to the bottom of every project and always finds a way to capture it. She sees the beauty in everything, I'm trying to learn that from her.

This collab made me realize that I admire to work with people who believe in your strength and capacity. How they stimulate you every time you work together, brings you a lot further in your creative proces and in life. Being creative is something you can't do alone. That's why Charis and I started to think to work more as a creative duo. 

Kroes // Boel, more coming soon.