I've always loved to sit and eat at a charming table. With unique silver wear, a delicate napkin, the smell of candles. It has to be an experience, an aesthetic way of feast. Every festivity, every Christmas I helped decorating the table and always wanted to add more to it than needed. My grandmother loved my ideas, but my mom wanted to keep it simple and practical to eat. 

After dinner, it looked like a battlefield. Melted candles, light matches all over the place, dirty napkins and an unhappy me. For this new project of mine, I wanted to do it my way. I love keeping myself busy. So I've decided to do a photoshoot with my kind of table dressing. 


Finding the perfect location for my second shoot was a bit of a search. I've wanted the perfect venue, but sometimes it's just around the corner. Family of mine are renovating their house, so their mess was my luck. "Trying to see the beauty in everything - check!." 

I was lucky to work with the pottery of Koen Ghesquière from Ghesq (ghesq.com), authentic handmade ceramics based in Antwerp. And pieces of tableware from Danish design Ferm Living and Bloomingville Nordic design. The colors and materials blended very well, it looks like a painting after all! Can't wait to start editing the pictures and share them.


It's always nice to do a collab with inspiring people. So for this project I choose to do the photography myself and wanted to work with people who could really add something more to the project. That's why I've decided to work with Marijke from Huis Otto (www.instagram.com/marijke_huisotto). She has her very own flower field and makes the most exclusive bouquets with her flowers. With her flowers, greens and knowledge, I've made the centerpieces for my tables. More collaboration soon!